About Us

The best things in life happen in bare feet.

Our feet take us through our experiences in this world.  

When we have a setback, we are told to get back on our feet.  When we need confidence, we are told to stand on our own two feet.  Whether we choose to walk, run, or dance through life...it is our feet that carry us through.       

I founded Barefoot Karma to provide foot care for yogis, dancers, and other barefoot adventurers.  As a yogi, I spend most of my day in bare feet, and I love it!  Being barefoot gives me a sense of freedom and a connection to the earth…but I quickly noticed the toll it took on my toes. I knew I couldn’t be the only one facing this challenge.

Barefoot Karma is the result of my personal search for high-quality products with natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize my feet.  My research, product and product development is always ongoing.  The Barefoot Karma business plan is simple:   

When I find something that works for me, I share it with you.  

~ Susan Pepsin (founder)

Movement is a blessing.  We need to love, honor, and indulge our feet for the gifts they give us every day.